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Setting up your environment with the Media Service for Umbraco

The Media Browser silverlight app is not required to be launched from an Umbraco installation in order to view or edit media items from it. Instead the user inputs a service Url where the application will be able to retreive data from.

It is this service that needs to be copied to an Umbraco installation. The service interfaces with the Umbraco API in order to retreive and persist data.

Whilst the service is defined in a class library, and therefore can be deployed to your working Umbraco instance as a .dll file, it also requires the following configuration files within a separate sub-folder in your umbraco instance:
  • USTFMediaUmbracoImages.svc
  • web.config

In order to copy the project references (the .dll files) to your local working umbraco installation, it is acceptable to add your working umbraco folder as a Web Site Project to your working solution (.sln file - as long as this does not get committed to source control) and add project references to the following projects so that the .dll files are automatically copied to your umbraco /bin folder upon building:
  • USTF.Media.MediaService
  • USTF.Media.MediaService.UmbracoDefault

In summary or if you prefer a simpler deployment of the service to your development instance of umbraco, the files required to be copied in to umbraco from the sample UmbracoSilverlightToolsFramework.Web project are:
  • bin/USTF.Media.MediaService.dll
  • bin/USTF.Media.MediaService.UmbracoDefault.dll
  • USTFMediaService/USTFMediaUmbracoImages.svc
  • USTFMediaService/web.config

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